Toymark Award

We are very pleased to say we have been awarded a Toymark Award from ‘Let Toys Be Toys’ for good practice for the 3rd year in a row! ‘Let Toys Be Toys is a national campaign working with the toy industry, retailers and the public to try to get rid of labelling and targeted advertising on toy packaging and in stores. This allows parents and children more choice.

The hope is that by removing these forced stereotypes, kids can grow up believing they can do anything and not feel restricted to types of toys or certain colours. Pink for girls and blue for boys is a relatively new idea; in fact until recently pink was seen as a gentleman’s colour. Often packaging is decided on by adults from toy companies and marketing who use labels or stereotypical packaging to sell products to only one gender (to double their profits). This has been much more prevalent in recent years and people’s opinions are beginning to change. As a toy shop we aim to stock products which can be for any child, letting them choose toys that help them develop their young minds and learn new skills.

It is all about giving people more choice and being inclusive of all. Mental health issues are a growing problem for young people; why force a limited life view on them at an early age. Advertising aimed at children is damaging as their young minds are very impressionable. This combined with peer pressure at school and the desire to please parents means that what we may think are free choices are actually heavily-influenced ones. We want happy healthy children who are confident in themselves and what they can achieve.

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