About RAAR

RAAR Emporium is an independent toy, craft and gift shop based in the beautiful town of St. Ives, Cornwall. We love toys, being creative and fun things.

We sell unique and quirky products, craft kits, classic wooden and tin toys, books, automatons, mosaic and sewing kits, gadgets, ceramics and handmade items.

In store there are interactive displays, games to play and lots of sample products out to see and handle.

Online you will find some of our favourite activities and toys which are carefully sourced from here in Cornwall and around the world.

Our aim is to provide beautiful toys and useful items with longevity to help develop minds and craft skills and encourage those in our community to get involved in arts and crafts.

Showcasing talented local artists, UK artists’ handmade craft products and art prints, there is a wealth of inspiration for gifts for toddlers, kids, teenagers and adults alike.