Chocolate Making Fun!

Recently we were privileged enough to attend an open evening at the new fabulous Coco Kitchen. We got to taste some (well quite a lot if we are honest) of the super tasty chocolate creations they make as well as have a go at making our own chocolate lollies. The team there have done an amazing job renovating the building and now have a proper home to make their chocolates and put on chocolate-making workshops for all ages. After having a go we can confirm it is great fun and getting to eat our tasty creations afterwards was fantastic. This is a great activity for any age, ideal for children, hen parties and birthday treats.

There is also a lovely cafe there with chocolate-inspired drinks (also handy for parents waiting while their children enjoy the workshops). This is another great addition to the many things to do in St. Ives at any time of year.


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Pottery Fun

We are very excited about something new for RAAR coming soon…. If you have been into our shop recently you might have noticed it has been moved around again; this time it was to make space for a potter’s wheel!!!!!! Angela had been teaching pottery previously at Barnoon Workshop but will soon be doing so in RAAR Emporium as well as working on her own St. Ives ceramic range.

Angela trained as a ceramicist and has taught many people over the years and finally having a wheel in the shop to use and teach others brings everything together. As soon as the wheel is available for taster throwing sessions we will let you know (it might be hard to get Angela off the wheel to start with).

We unfortunately do not have a kiln yet so the tester sessions will be to experience throwing a vessel which you can take with you to air dry or leave with us (some parents have said they would quite like to not have more stuff to take home…).

We hope to have a kiln one day but for now Angela will be trying to borrow space when she can so she can add more creations to RAAR Emporium.

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RAAR World

Hello everyone and welcome to our little piece of the digital universe. We recently changed our website and it will continue to develop and grow. One of the main things we wanted to do is to add more of our world in West Cornwall to it with adventures, hidden gems and Cornish secrets of our area and some of the wonderful things there are to do here.

From beach information, awesome places to go, the Grubkins favourite places and just a bit of the Kernow life. We get asked for advice so much in our shop we thought this would be a good place to store some of it for everyone.

Stay tuned for more RAAR World soon.

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