Star Wars Block New Book!

Love our new book you will. – (Obviously said in a Yoda voice). To celebrate we have been getting some lovely new, awesome stock in and this is another amazing book from the people that brought you Marvel Alpha Blocks and the classic Dino Block. Featuring over 100 words from the Star Wars Universe using […]

5 years of RAAR Emporium!!!!!!

Like the Queen we like to have two Birthdays. 5 years ago today RAAR Emporium was officially born*. After lots of conversations around a friend’s kitchen table about possible names (and googling them to check they were not already associated with less desirable online searches) RAAR Emporium was settled upon. Everyone says RAAR a little […]

Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Award 2019

We might need a bigger logo soon 😉 We are once again extremely proud and happy to be awarded the Let Toys Be Toys Toymark Award. Making toys accessible to all and promoting balanced, creative learning opportunities has always been very important to us. For those who don’t know, Angela was part of the shop […]

Stacking Robots

One of our favorite products is the RAAR classic Wooden Stacking Robots, great for all ages and over the years have kept Angela and Chris amused on many occasions. They are great for brain development with 3D awareness, hand-eye coordination and balancing skills all required for creating interesting builds with the robots. They often venture […]

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