Let Toys Be Toys awards

We are very pleased to say we continuously get awarded a Toymark award from Let Toys Be Toys for good practice. Let Toys Be Toys is a great campaign working with people within the toy industry, retailers and the public to try to get rid of stereotypes and targeted advertising so as to allow parents and children to choose from a wide range of products and not feel put off by any of them due to the packaging or labelling.

The hope is that by removing the forced stereotypes, kids can grow up believing they can do anything and not be restricted to set roles or types of toys or colours. Often packaging is decided on by adults from marketing and toy companies who use labels or stereotypical packaging to sell products to only one gender. This has become more prevalent in recent years and as a toy shop we aim to buy products which can be for girls or boys and not pigeon-hole them, by letting them choose toys that help them to develop their young minds and learn new skills. Lets try and make sure every child can be whatever they want to be by giving them informed choices and not just single ideas that make a few people lots of money from short-term use toys.

We try to have toys that are long lasting and are multi-functional and teach various skills. We still have lots planned and more products to come, including some art and science products; this is a great way to go forward with clear goals in sight.

It has been very encouraging over the years to see the topic of allowing children to be who they want to be and the continued believe of equal rights for all. It is now often picked up by mainstream media and continues to allow more creativity for all. You can find more information about the great work Let Toys Be Toys does through the links bellow.

Segregation at any age leads to and enforces more segregation and restriction, children are born without hate, prejudice or stereotype so why force hate and restriction onto them .

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