Love Cornwall whatever the Weather

Lots of people only think of Cornwall when the sun is shining and you can lounge around on the beach but there is so much more to Cornwall. When it’s a bit stormy there is a sense of power and awesomeness everywhere and as long as you are prepared it is just as great as when the sun shines. Year round there are incredible places to visit and seeing them in all types of weather adds to their appeal, Cornwall is not just for summer. Don’t let the photo fool you it snows very, very, very rarely, running around on the beach in the snow is pretty special though and highly recommended.

St. Ives beaches change a lot throughout the year from the different tides and storms, some of our beaches have large sandy ‘steps’ throughout the winter month from the stormy tide line. Porthgwidden in early 2018 also went down to stones which had not been seen for many years. The sand often washes off the beaches and sits not far away in the bay and slowly returns.

Watching waves breaking by St. Ives Arts Club that go higher than the rooftops is a favourite past time of many locals and risking Lambeth Walk at high tide will often get you wet. It’s much safer to watch the waves from the height of the Malakoff if you want to ensure you stay dry.

We love were we live year round and will share some of our recommendations and adventures with you.

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