New Monster Friends

We are very happy to introduce some new friends to everyone, a range of super cute monster who love to adventure and cuddle. They are also suitable for 0 up so everyone can enjoy their awesomeness. 

They are a lovely addition to RAAR and they have been something we have been waiting to get, with the arrival of some Merfolk, cheeky pirate, cute Lion and cuddly Narwhal we just had to get them in store. From a wonderful company who are based in London, they are a great fit for us and join our range of carefully curated stock.

They all have their own characters or as with all things monster they are great to give their own unique character to go with their new owners.

They are now in store for £22.50 each (as long as Chris doesn’t try to keep them all, his favorite is the bunny Merfolk that he takes exploring). 

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