Paradise Park

Paradise park is a small wildlife park situated in Hayle which is a great day out for animal and especially bird lovers. Combining lots of rare species with spectacular gardens and the odd view over the estuary it is a feast for your eyes. Details can be found on their website, and as always it will be busier during school holidays. From tropical birds to miniature donkeys there are a lot of animals to visit and learn about. There is also a large play barn area which is great no matter what the weather for any day for children. If you live locally you can get year-tickets and go as often as you like! You are also welcome to take in your own picnics as well as use their cafes.

We always make a beeline to the Red Pandas as they are active at different times of day, if they are sleeping or resting we know we can try to see them again later. Today they were very active both times we stopped past them.

They have events throughout the day from penguin feeding to free flying bird shows which are great spectacles. Seeing the three Choughs out of their enclosure and flying around over the main green was amazing and our favourite parts of the day. After seeing them fly hopefully it will be easier to spot them in the wild around Penwith. The free flying parrots were fantastic and colourful, all the birds are aloud to do what they like so some stayed out flying for longer than others and staff have stories about them to share as well. At Paradise Park they do a lot of work with endangered species especially parrots and work with other places around the world so your ticket price helps the conservation of birds as well.

One of Chris’s favorite places is by the middle tropical garden with the resident flamingos wandering around, there are plenty of seats around it and it is a great place to stop and have some food while watching the flamingos strut around.

There is a Penguin enclosure full of cute little penguins of all ages and during their feeding some children are aloud to go in and feed them while everyone else can watch and listen to a talk about them.

There is a outdoor play area to enjoy and a small farm animal area with miniature donkeys and Angela’s favorite pygmy goats. A great day for animal lovers with plenty to do for active little ones as well.

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