Pumpkin Carving

This year was the Sloop Studio’s first Pumpkin Carving competition. Angela has always been a keen pumpkin carver and Halloween fun enthusiast so she got very excited to have another purpose for her yearly creations.

It was a great turn out for it’s first year and there was a lot of fantastic pumpkins to admire. The Sloop Studios did a fantastic job of hosting and at 6pm the results were announced. There were children’s and adults categories with the children’s being announced first. Tension continued to rise for Angela as 3rd place was announced which was not her, then 2nd was called which again was not her, there were so many great creations Angela was happy just to of been part of it but then her pumpkin was named as 1st place! A look of joy was followed by being given a prize bag and what is now one of her prized possession, a 1st Prize Pumpkin Carving Certificate.

After sharing some of her tips and how she carved her one some people went away already planning next years with a new-found creative buzz for carving pumpkins, here’s looking forward to Halloween 2019.

This year the winners also got some amazing prizes from makers at the Sloop, here is Angela nearly going full pumpkin and being really happy with the specially made pumpkin glass from Deborah Martin that can be displayed all year round.

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