Stormy Kynance Cove

An amazing National Trust cared for area. A car park is nearby (National Trust prices) or it is along the South West Coast Path. This was our first visit there (yep there are actually a lot of beaches we still haven’t been to yet).
As normal for our first visit somewhere new the tide was on its way in and there was a slight storm in the air. As its national trust there is minimum modern buildings and you are surrounded by beautiful Cornish countryside. On this trip we had sunshine, mist and rain and were treated to a spectacular show by the ocean reminding those on land who is really boss. We will venture back on low tide as there are meant to be beautiful sandy beaches beneath the waves we saw. There are two paths from the car park, one a long slopping path/basic road that goes down to the cafe and the other a more standard coastal wild path. From the cafe you can also continue walking up over the adjacent hills for some amazing views over the cove and beyond. We stopped off in the cafe where the cream tea was superb and it was nice to see they encourage reusable coffee cups by offering a discount if you take your own – also on a geeky environmental level the solar panels and hidden public toilets are worth finding out about and do a great job in a remote place.
The scones were a good size with just enough of everything and if you were walking the coast path it would be a great spot to get your energy back.
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