Tehidy Woods

A beautiful woodland and nature reserve not far from Gwithian or Camborne. The woods are wrapped around the old manor house in the middle which was the Bassets family home for many years. those who are familiar with Poldark might recognize Francis Basset and the estate name. The estate has a lot of important history and stories but we will save those for another day.

There are two main areas to the woods either side of the old manor house area accessible to the public, a wildlife area with a cafe, lake, woodland walks, very friendly squirrels and swans with no dog access and also the larger area which is the rest of the woodland walks.

The wildlife area is great and a lot to see even if you only want a short walk. There are benches and seats scattered around and areas to have picnics. In the spring the woods also burst into colour with large amounts of bluebells and many extra small birds. The resident swans are very use to humans and often on the paths in the hope of being fed. The squirrels also are not shy and will often approach people hoping for snacks, if your quick with a camera you can get some good photos before they realise they are not going to get fed and hop off. There are streams and a lake to enjoy but also to be aware of if you have little ones running around. At the main entrance to the wildlife area there is a cafe with toilets as well. The cafe has inside and outside space and is a great place to spend some time surrounded by nature.

The main woods which can be accessed from the North Coast road is beautiful wood land with lots of paths to enjoy and our favourite place for Bluebells which carpet most of the area. Dog and children friendly a great place to run around. Chris also enjoys it when it rains there when the trees are fully leafed as it sounds wonderful and provides lots of shelter as you walk.

Rouge Theater is also based in the woods who do various performances utilising the woods throughout the year.

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